Styling Chicago is Bae T-Shirt

Welcome to the first episode of styling in Chicago.

I decided to add a styling section to the blog, were we can  give people some ideas how to style some of Chicago Clothing Co. clothes with the rest of your outfit. At Chicago Clothing Co. you just don’t just wear a T-shirt, you have to put it together and coordinate it. Today we are styling Chicago is Bae T-shirt.

What no better way to start off with my daughter and I. I decided to do a simple photo shoot with our new shirt design Chicago is Bae. Funny thing, I normally don’t wear red shirts or red anything. I have nothing  against red its just one of the colors I don’t wear a lot. But when designing Chicago is Bae,  I  knew it was a must to have this design on a red shirt.

Two examples of Chicago is Bae T-shirt

Dejah rocked the Chicago is Bae shirt with ripped jean shorts and pair of black Jordans. I thought they came out pretty nice. Measurements – Dejah is 5 feet 1 inches, her weight is 130 pounds. She is wearing a size small.

Chicago-is-Bae-Model Dejah

I decided to wear the Chicago is Bae tshirt with some ripped jeans and some throwback Nike Air Shake NDESTRUKT  Measurements: 5 feet 11 inches, 210 pounds.  I am wearing a size large.

Chicago-is-Bae-Tshirt Model Alonzo


Lol looking at these pictures we kinda look like twins! I didn’t plan for us to both have ripped jeans, but that just we decided to wear. The simple photo shoot came out nice and gives you some examples how the shirts look.

Chicago is Bae T-shirt come in sizes small to 3x, and is unisex.

Chicago is Bae T Shirt

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