Interview with Chicago’s very own DJ D.Jones

Today Chicago Clothing Company will be doing an interview with DJ D. Jones. DJ D. Jones has a passion for creatively mixing and blending Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop, R&B and other eclectic genres that touch, move, encourage and take peoples worries away. His talent and skill set has helped him to develop a reputation for creating unforgettable musical moments at parties, festivals, corporate functions and private events! Music has always spoken to him and he loves sharing what he hears with music lovers and party goers.

Chicago D.J. Jones

1.How did you get you start in becoming a DJ?

I first developed a passion for DJing in my senior year of high school at my schools radio station. I used to skip lunch just so I could do my radio show everyday. After high school I attended Kennedy King College and Lewis University and studied Radio & Television broadcasting. I always had a strong interest in actually DJing with two turntables and a mixer, I would always buy equipment and then end up selling it because I never practiced. It wasn’t until 2008 that I decided to develop my skills and take the craft and business seriously.

2. What DJ services do you specialize in?

I specialize in Upscale Private, Corporate, Wedding & Club events.

Chicago D.J. Jones

3. What are your current thoughts on hip-hop and the Chicago hip-hop scene?

I’ve been in the business in some form or fashion since I was 18 and this is the greatest time to be an artist from Chicago! We finally have the artistic respect that we have always deserved. I love and incorporate as much Chicago based music as I can into my sets. I feel like the scene is growing and we have some work to do to get to an ATL level but we have broken through the industry barriers that used to keep talented artists local.

4. Do you have milestones in your career that you are really proud of? Please explain?

The biggest milestone to me isn’t even really about me. Being able to book and pay other DJs to do what they do is so incredible to me. I remember being in my basement wishing for a gig, I just wanted to be heard. So being able to provide opportunities to others in this field is something that I’m really proud of.

5. Do you have any funny stories at an event that you DJ?

Well there was that one time that we packed up all of our gear after a big wedding rolled everything outside only to find out that our van was towed. But that’s another story.

Chicago D.J. Jones

6. Can you tell me more about your wedding services you provide?

I provide a personalized upscale wedding DJ experience to my clients. The wedding industry is saturated with cookie cutter DJ companies that are more interested in booking a date then delivering a great experience. I focus on each clients needs and not just booking a date. We provide visually appealing DJ set ups, club style lighting options but most importantly we provide an bespoke experience from first contact to the very last song.

7. You also have a photography booth business. Can you give me the details on that?

I recently starting operating, it’s an open air photo booth that also has capabilities to share photo’s in real time via texts, email or Facebook. My favorite feature is the online photo album that captures every picture taken at an event and is accessible by anyone who attended. It’s always fun to see your friends and family having fun.

8. You have a team of DJ’s under you? Can you give more details on that?

Well, I’ve been booking other DJs for a few years but in 2018 I decided to launch a new brand dedicated to booking DJs that are club veterans but also professional enough to do high end private events. We also have another the site that is strictly for weddings. Right now I’m working with five other DJs and I honestly believe that our team is versatile and skilled enough to handle any type of event.

Chicago D.J. Jones

9. You have really great reviews from clients about your events. What do you do to create such an memorable experience for your clients.

I listen, I show genuine interest in the success of their event and I make sure on the day of their event, my staff and myself all do our best to exceed the expectations of our client. We take all event’s serious no matter how big or how small, we give everyone the same high level of service. It’s an honor to be able to do what we do for a living and we take what we do seriously.

10. What advise would you give upcoming DJ’s looking to have a successful business as yours.

Look at your passion as a business from day one. If everyone is going in one direction, take the risk and go in the opposite direction and find your niche. Develop your specialty but also learn how to play music and events other than your specialty. Treat yourself as a brand and market yourself like your favorite artists does on social media.

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