Chicago is Bae

Getting started on the Chicago is Bae T-shirt

So how did I come up with Chicago is Bae t-shirt design for the Chicago Clothing Company?  I was looking to do a fun, love shirt for Chicago, something in the tone of I Love New York shirt, but for Chicago. I wanted do something unique and fresh, a design nobody had every seen. With all my designs for Chicago Clothing Company I try to really make them standout and be iconic, I applied the same effort to this design.

I have been intrigue on how everybody uses the word bae for that person special in their heart. Seems like bae is a shorter more cooler version of baby. The word bae actually seem like a lazier version of baby, it’s just easier to say which is why it might had caught on. Then the light bulb went off. “Chicago is Bae”!! So now it was time to work on a design. Below are a few different unfinished and rough draft of ideas I put together.


I was not satisfied with the above sketches, I actually started to get a little frustrated! Finally, I got the design were I felt real good about it. The official “Chicago is Bae” tshirt was created.

Chicago is Bae T Shirt

I’m really happy with the final version, it incorporated everything I wanted; the Chicago buildings, a heart and the words Chicago is Bae.  For Chicago lovers, I feel this is a mandatory shirt for you to have! So there you have it, the official “Chicago is Bae” t-shirt available only at the Chicago Clothing Company.  Hope you like the shirt, you can get yours here.

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