Chicago Hustler Release

Chicago Clothing Company decided to create this Chicago Hustler line of products for the Chicago Hustlers. People often associate hustling with a bad thing. It seems the word has been taken over by people selling drugs or other criminal elements. For me hustling has been a method I use to achieve my goals. The first example of hustling I ever seen was by my Father. My Father worked 2 to 3 jobs at a time.  All of my Father jobs were legal. From insurance agent, house flipper, sales clerk, etc. This hustle ethic is pretty much built in my DNA. I work a 9 to 5 and I am owner of 2 business, Chicago Clothing Company and Arisen Lion Media.

 Chicago Hustler Hoodie

The Chicago Hustle

I know how it is to live in Chicago to grind/ hustle to provide for your family, this was my motivation in creating this collection. My hustling spirit and the spirit I see from fellow Chicagoan’s motivated to create the Chicago Hustler collection . Chicagoan’s are known for their hustle ethics, it’s built in our DNA. Chicago Clothing Company decided to create the Chicago Hustler Collection just for you! Living in Chicago can be hard, but us Chicagoan’s know how to make it happen. (We Hustle!) When times get tough we never give up! This Chicago Hoodie is for the 9 to fivers, people working 2 jobs. To the parents working 6 to 7 days a week to put food on the table, go-getters and entrepreneurs, we salute your hustle! We are all trying to the best we can to survive in this big city we call Chicago!

The Chicago Hustler Collection

Below are images of the Chicago Hustler Collection for you to buy. Make sure you view our line of t shirts, crew necks and hoodies and make a purchase.

Chicago Hustler Hoodie
Chicago Hustler T-Shirt

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