Chicago Hustler Release

Chicago Hustler Hoodie

Chicago Clothing Company decided to create this Chicago Hustler line of products for the Chicago Hustlers. People often associate hustling with a bad thing. It seems the word has been taken over by people selling drugs or other criminal elements. For me hustling has been a method I use to achieve my goals. The first …

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New Chicago Girls are Prettier T-Shirt

Woman wearing Chicago Girls are Prettier T-Shirt

Hey make sure you check out the new release from the ChiGirlCollection. We designed a fun T-Shirt for the ladies of Chicago. The new Chicago Girls are Prettier T-Shirt are now available in yellow and black. Chicago Girls are Prettier! A recent survey was taken in Chicago and Chicago women were voted the most pretty …

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Interview with Chicago’s very own DJ D.Jones

Today Chicago Clothing Company will be doing an interview with DJ D. Jones. DJ D. Jones has a passion for creatively mixing and blending Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop, R&B and other eclectic genres that touch, move, encourage and take peoples worries away. His talent and skill set has helped him to develop a reputation for creating …

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Chicago Clothing Company T-shirts sales

Chicago Clothing Company T-shirts

Happy New Years from the Chicago Clothing Company. We have a few exciting things happening this year. One thing we’re starting off the new year with adding weekly ongoing sales on our Chicago Clothing Company T-shirts and other apparel. We love a good deal ourselves, so we figure we would offer great deals to our …

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Chicago is Bae

Chicago is Bae T Shirt

Getting started on the Chicago is Bae T-shirt So how did I come up with Chicago is Bae t-shirt design for the Chicago Clothing Company?  I was looking to do a fun, love shirt for Chicago, something in the tone of I Love New York shirt, but for Chicago. I wanted do something unique and …

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