We are a clothing company that representsof Chicago

The rich history ofChicago.Chicago.

From Jean Baptiste Dusable de Point settling near the Chicago river between 1780 and 1790 until the incorporation of Chicago in 1837, our City has a rich history. Famous mayors and home of legendary politicians and musicians just to get started. World changing event's help catalog Chicago history. The World's Fair in 1893, The Democratic convention and The Cubs winning The World Series after a 99 year drought! Wow right? Our Skyline is unmatched with legendary skyscrapers and architecture.

Chicago we are

Chicago's culture comes from the melting pot of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Throughout the years World traditions have merged to flavor this iconic Midwestern city. The explosion of music, arts, sports, architecture and tourist attractions are the envy of the World. Chicago's contribution to a little bit of everything is undeniable! Home of the famed Regal Theatre and some would say ,the birthplace of modern improvised comedy. 

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Celebrating the

The Chicago lifestyle is like no other. A metropolis stirring in a mixture of both blue and white collars workers, entrenupers, go-getters  and straight hustlers.

Chicago Clothing Company celebrates and embraces the history,culture and lifestyle. We create visual clothing designs representing what Chicago means to both Chicagoans and her admirers.Let's keep in the forefront that there is much to be proud of no matter what! We are the Chicagoans who live and thrive in this city. 

We specialize in everyday Chicago lifestyle apparel such as tshirts, crewnecks, hoodies and our exclusive Chicago is Bae and Chi Girl collection. Hopefully you will take a piece of history with you with every one of your Chicago Clothing Company pieces! As our Brand Creator always says "Be the Chicago you want to see!" See you in your favorite CCC apparel!!!

We represent Chicago's history, culture and lifestyle. 

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